Born to a Catholic father & a Greek Orthodox mother, and raised with Maronite & Baptist grand mothers, Ps Fady accepted the Lord as his personal Savior at age 17, on December 28, 1979, in the Evangelical Baptist church (Lebanon). John 3:16 was his verse: “For God so loved Fady…” Saved at least three times from death during the war in Lebanon, God prepared him for ministry starting with his theological studies in the Arab Baptist theological Seminary in Cyprus in 1987-88.
The Lord used him in school, university, and the bank where he worked for 10 years (1981-1991). Many accepted the Lord: three of them are now pastors, one missionary. After getting two B.A’s in Accounting and Marketing in Lebanon, he finished his M.A. in Theology & Doctor of Ministry degrees by correspondence, while working & serving the Lord in Montreal, with Bethany Bible College, Dothan, Alabama (1992-2000).
Married to Ramona Makna in 1985, the Lord blessed him with two children, Noelle (1986) & Roy (1991). Ramona accepted the Lord at age 20 in Lebanon. For three years after her conversion, she was persecuted by her parents who tore her Bible and Christian literatures & forbade her to talk, even to her brothers & sisters, about the Lord. Finally, they let her attend the Baptist church, on Sunday only.
Ramona worked as secretary in the Ministry of Telecommunication in the Lebanese government for 12 years during which she got her B.A. in law in 1984. Then, in 1987, she decided to study theology & serve the Lord with him. She got her diploma in music at the University of Montreal, and her B.A. & M.A. in theology (2010) degrees at the “Faculté de Théologie Évangélique” in Montreal.
Ps Nouneh and his family immigrated to Quebec, Canada, in 1992. Established in Montreal, they worked in different fields: Accounting, Teaching, Marketing and Management.
In 1993, from a Bible study at home with 2 people, the Lord helped them to start the Arabic Baptist church of Christ. The attendance at the church’s 14th annual conference was 104 (September 2013). Ps Nouneh baptized about 120 people in the last 20 years.
Ps Nouneh and his wife have been mainly serving in the Baptist denomination since 1987; however, the Lord used them also with the Presbyterian, Alliance and other evangelical denominations, in Arabic, French and/or English.
So far, Ps Nouneh was asked/invited to serve, in preaching & singing, in conferences/retreats & revivals in 10 countries in the Middle East, Europe & North America, & in 10 States in the USA.
The hand of God is on and with Ps Nouneh, his wife, Sister Ramona, Noelle and Roy who are faithfully serving the Lord according to His eternal predestined plan.